[ RadSafe ] Fraud? -Busby Laboratories & "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima"

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 15:17:18 CST 2011

Mark, Stewart et al.,

The LLRC is the same kind of hoax and blantant fraud as everything else
associated with the great professor and as I just read, now also doctor in
chemistry. Look at google and you will recognize the same bunch of ......
(sorry: members of this group) as in everything associated with the fake
organisations like "ECRR", names like Rosalie Bertell, links to Gofman and
the same well known self appointed pseudoscientists, including for instance
despised German "professors", who are retired since many years, if not
decades and are not doing any work - partly because their positions have
been taken from them because of obvious scientific fraud. "Green audit" is
another piece of the mosaic - it seems not to exist. Chris Busby has btw
never revealed which laboratories have made all the "revealing" analyses of
radionuclides and especially uranium isotopes and transuranic elements. I
suspect possible laboratories close to the ECRR people and which have been
ridiculed because they found all kind of exotic transuranics in the dust
collected with a vacuum cleaner. Does this not sound familiar - "somebody
else" used airfilters from cars to measure and calculate the exact
emissions from Fukushima.
What surprises me most in the whole Busby et. al. story is, that not even
Greenpeace uses the Busby et al. fairy tales, though they are usually the
first ones to distribute any negative "news" about everything nuclear. Any
explanation? (A serious question!) Very similar is my surprise that his
name nevere has been mentioned in the Austrian mass media - though Austria
is officially the most anti-nuclear country in Europe.
Isn't it also interesting that no European scientist in our field whom I
have asked, knows the name "Chris Busby", not to talk about his claims and
Sorry I had to vent my disdain for such persons. My next mail on the topic
will contain a brief analysis of my medical doctor on the behaviour of
mostly Chris Busby - it coincides with my personal opinion.

Have a nice weekend and hopefully a good laugh on those nonsensical claims
and the massmedia who take such persons serious.

Best regards,


22011/11/30 Mark Ramsay <mark.ramsay at ionactive.co.uk>

> Stewart
> I concur, have you seen reply / explanation here:
> http://www.llrc.org/
> Rgs
> Mark

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