[ RadSafe ] BWR radiation safety issues

Kulp, Jeffrey B kulpjb at wsu.edu
Mon Dec 5 12:37:58 CST 2011

Hello Radsafers,

I would like to call on the expertise of any HP's who have experience with boiling water reactors; I am interested in radiation safety issues associated with boiling water reactors while operating and shutdown. My interest is primarily in the steam, condensate and feed systems. I know about N-16 carryover to the steam side of the plant, but I read an article recently that discusses problems with Xe, Kr, and Iodine as well; these are fission products, are the authors saying that the fuel cladding is not able to contain fission product gases? Another article I read talks about activated corrosion products in the condensate and feed systems. How do the corrosion products become activated, is the condensate and feed systems in a BWR plant subject to a neutron flux? Any clarification offered will be appreciated.


Jeff Kulp
Washington State University
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