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Cotter, Ronald R CIV PORTS, 105.5 ronald.cotter at navy.mil
Tue Dec 6 08:25:54 CST 2011

 I am looking for a full set of steel calibration spheres.  In the old days we used them to calibrate the National Nuclear Corporation (NNC) Waste Curie Monitors (WCM).  We now use them to calibrate the newer Canberra Cronos item counting systems.  The sets that we have and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard has includes 14 spheres from 1-50 lbs.

If nobody has a set they want to get rid of does anybody know what company supplied NNC with the sets that came with the WCMs?

At this time I can get 10 spheres from NNSY.  However, I have not been told what weights they are.

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