[ RadSafe ] Professor, Doctor a term of extreme academic respect in Europe?

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 19:16:54 CST 2011

Is that true, that the term Professor, Doctor is such a term?   I find
that the bereted one, who seems to also infer that his doctorate is
from the University of London instead of from the University of Kent
(which is not mentioned in the 13 page document) is so referred to at
the anti-nuclear conference that was recently held in Vilnius,
Lithuania (wonder who pays for all this travel to Vilnius, to
Stockholm, when his protestations to this list have been that I am
poor, impoverished?).


Christopher Busby, Prof. Dr (United Kingdom), Proofs of the accuracy of the
Radiobiological Health Model of the European Committee on Radiation Risk: its
application to Chernobyl effects in Sweden and Uranium effects in Iraq and the
implications for Fukushima.

and the implication of his doctorate being from the University of
London in his statement at

"I hold a First Class Honours degree in Chemistry from the University
of London, and also a PhD in Chemical Physics"

One might assume that a doctorate from the University of London is
more prestigious than one from the University of Kent since the
University of London is 175 years old and the University of Kent was
established in 1965.  Why else would he omit any mention that he
studied at and obtained his doctorate with the dissertation title of
"Enhanced Raman spectra from electrodes : a study of the surface
enhanced Raman effect and its utility and scope with regard to the
examination of electrochemical and interfacial phenomena"

I am researching the other claims made by the bereted one in the above
statement.  I wonder if there is a transcript of his remarks in
Vilnius or how he came to be invited to speak at this event.  At least
one participant has indicated in private correspondence to me that he
and others had wanted to disinvite the bereted one.

Roger Helbig

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