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>At least the UK and Canada are finally coming around on depleted
>uranium inhalation exposure studies:
>James Salsman

         The first link is to an article in the Caledonian Mercury, 
an online Scottish newspaper.  It is a standard turgid whine about 
the alleged dangers of DU.  The writer proclaims the recent release 
of a "significant" new paper on DU's supposed dangers.  The paper is 
co-authored by --- would you believe? --- our old buddy Chris 
Busby.  It's the Fallujah hair paper.

         The Sun News article is about a former soldier from Canada 
who served in Bosnia and went on a three day hunger strike.  He 
managed to coerce the Canadian government into setting up a
"committee on soldiers' health as it relates to depleted uranium 
exposure."  The committee will meet early in 2012, and has until 
June, 2013 to produce a report.  I'm sure the committee won't find 
anything that hasn't already been found to the point of surfeit.

Steven Dapra

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