[ RadSafe ] Salsman, Not Just a Troll -

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 01:04:29 CST 2011

The Scottish article that he referred the list to by former Scottish
Parliament Member Dr Bill Wilson, a close associate of Chris Busby and Doug
Rokke had a photo that claims to show US Military DU waste underwater from
Blatant World.com - in looking at that sight hunting for the photo's
origin, I found this from James Salsman - given his background of taking
some courses at Carnegie-Mellon University (he told me he was a graduate,
but the University was kind enough to tell me that he did not graduate) and
not having graduated from anywhere, I seriously question how he could be
able to perform any kind of research that could produce this graph.  I am
beginning to wonder if he has a secret Swiss bank account funded by the
Baath party or the Sunni insurgents since he claims to have such close
connections into their world.

Roger Helbig


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