[ RadSafe ] OCCUPY Toledo takes on nuclear power

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Fri Dec 16 16:54:11 CST 2011

The anti-nukes are very proud of their bullying "mic check" tactics -
I would wager that they are pretty much scientifically illiterate, but
they have numbers and feel that they have power so they could be a
formidable force in driving us back to the stone age.

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OCCUPY takes on nuclear power

by Christina MacPherson

Occupiers disrupt Fermi 3 meeting, Fox Toledo.com,  15 Dec 2011, by
Sharia Davis, MONROE, Mich. (WUPW) - Hopes of DTE Energy building a
third Fermi nuclear reactor plant in Monroe County won't happen
without a fight.

As the public meeting at Monroe County Community College to discuss
the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Fermi 3 nuclear
plant in Monroe started with DTE and the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission, a group of protesters made it a little difficult for the
NRC to get its point across.

Several demonstrators belonging to Occupy Toledosaid building a third
nuclear plant is dangerous. Minutes into a hearing, about 10 of them
chanted the dangers of building a reactor. READ: Michael Leonardi
Occupy Toledo statement

"The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in our eyes, just gives a green
light to industry to put profit and production ahead of the safety and
citizens of this region," said Mike Leonardi of Occupy Toledo.


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