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         How about a mathematical answer:  Epstein + Gofman + Nader = trash.

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>Anyone aware if a critical review of the claims 
>made in the below article and associated references has been carried out?
>Unrecognized Cancer Risks of Dental Radiation
>CHICAGO, IL, November 9, 2011 -/WORLD-WIRE/- The 
>well-documented evidence on the radiation 
>dangers of premenopausal mammography are 
>persuasive, although belatedly recognized. In 
>striking contrast, the evidence on the dangers 
>of routine and highly profitable dental 
>radiation, particularly in children, are still 
>virtually unrecognized, warns the Cancer Prevention Coalition.
>However, these concerns are not new, says Samuel 
>S. Epstein, M.D., Chairman of the Cancer 
>Prevention Coalition. He points to a 2001 report 
>by Dr. John Gofman, a leading international 
>authority on the dangers of radiation, which 
>published well-documented evidence on the cancer 
>risks of “low dose medical X-rays,” especially to children.
>A July 2006 publication by Dr. Ruth Kleinerman 
>in Pediatric Oncology, “Cancer Risks Following 
>Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiation Exposure in 
>Children,” warned that the most radiosensitive 
>organ in children is the thyroid gland.
>This report also noted that “Although thyroid 
>cancer is rare, 6 other large studies had 
>previously confirmed its relationship with prior 
>radiation for treatment of enlarged tonsils or 
>other head, face, or neck concerns.”
>Dr. Epstein cites a report in the June 2010 
>MailOnline newspaper published in the U.K., 
>which warned that “Ten dental x-rays raise 
>cancer risks ­ by at least ten  times.” This 
>article cautioned that “X-rays should not be 
>given at checkups or when registering new 
>patients, despite these practices being common in many dental surgeries.
>The MailOnline report also cited a 2010 
>collaborative study between the U.K. National 
>Health Service and the universities of Brighton 
>and Sussex which reported that “multiple 
>exposures to dental X-rays may be associated 
>with increased risks of developing thyroid 
>cancer ­  particularly in children and adolescents.”
>The report further noted that these findings 
>were consistent with previous warnings of 
>increased risks of thyroid cancer in dentists and dental assistants.
>Dr. Epstein finds further evidence in a November 
>22, 2010 New York Times article, “Radiation 
>Worries for Children in Dentists’
>Chairs,” which warned against risks of 
>radiation from a new scanning device, known as a cone-beam CT scanner.
>Cone-beam CT scanners are continually generating 
>x-ray images, while rotating around the patient. 
>They emit much higher levels of radiation than do conventional dental x-rays.
>“Not surprisingly,” says Dr. Epstein, “the 
>incidence of thyroid cancer has escalated by 
>168% since 1975. The past and continuing 
>practice of routine dental radiation, especially 
>in children, is flagrant malpractice, if not criminal.”
>Dr. Epstein quotes Ralph Nader, who urged at 
>1979 hearings on the Corporate Criminal 
>Liability Act by the Crime Sub-Committee of the 
>House Judiciary Committee, “Jail for crime in 
>the streets, but bail for crime in the suites.”
>Scientific References
>1. Ron, E, et al. Thyroid Neoplasia (cancer) 
>Following Low Dose Radiation in Childhood. 
>Radiation Research 120:516-531, 1989.
>2. Cardis, E. Risk of Thyroid Cancer After Exposure to I131
>(radiation) in Childhood. Journal of the 
>National Cancer Institute 97:724-732, 2005.
>3. Shore, R. Issues and Epidemiological Evidence 
>Regarding Radiation-Induced Thyroid Cancer. 
>Radiation Research 131, 98-111, 1992.
>Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. is professor emeritus of 
>Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the 
>University of Illinois at Chicago School of 
>Public Health; Chairman of the Cancer Prevention 
>Coalition; and former President of the Rachel 
>Carson Trust. His awards include the
>1998 Right Livelihood Award and the 2005 Albert 
>Schweitzer Golden Grand Medal for International 
>Contributions to Cancer Prevention. He is the 
>author of over 270 scientific articles and 20 
>books on the causes and prevention of cancer, 
>including the groundbreaking The Politics of 
>Cancer (1979, Doubleday Books), Healthy Beauty 
>(2010, BenBella Books) and National Cancer Institute And American Cancer
>Society: Criminal Indifference to Cancer 
>Prevention and Conflicts of Interest (2011, Xlibris Publishing).
>To read Dr. Epstein’s columns in the Huffington Post, go to:
>Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.
>Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition
>Professor emeritus Environmental & Occupational Medicine
>University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
>Chicago, Illinois
>Tel: 312-996-2297
>Email: epstein at uic.edu <javascript:location.href=>

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