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Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
Sat Dec 17 14:15:23 CST 2011

Hi All,
While Busby snidely refers to others being an "intransigent ostrich" about a
technical point in a recent post, he continues to refuse to answer any
questions posed earlier that would provide a shred of evidence that what he
has been doing regarding Fukushima is not fraudulent in his selling
seemingly magic rad detox 4 mineral pills at multi-vitamin strength at
inflated prices.

To date, Busby has refused to provide any documentation that Busby
Laboratories and the so-called "Busby Foundation for the Children of
Fukushima", for which he is requesting donations to a personal bank account,
even exist as legal entities.

One would have to be an ostrich not wonder how someone like this, who has
committed what can only be judged to be fraud unless demonstrated to be
otherwise by his answering earlier reasonable questions, has the audacity to
post anything on Radsafe rather than hang their head in shame and post only
to some sympathetic, scientifically illiterate group that might wish to
listen to him.

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health

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