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     Hope you all are well.  Merry  Christmas!!!   Happy holidays!!!!
     Some predictions for the next 40-50 years  follow.  Importance is for 
global warming, nuclear
energy, natural gas use etc.????
     First, the natural gas deposits are being fracked  in northeastern USA 
(Pennsylvania).  I guess 
fracking has an environmental downside.  Natural gas prices from the  local 
utility in New Jersey
(USA) are being reduced due to the local natural gas production.
     A new physics particle has been discovered at the  Large Hadron 
Collider.  See CERN,
Fermilab and/or Brookhaven Lab websites.  Higgs search seems to be  looking 
around 115 MeV
    Believe what you want about global warming.  Some  human effects are 
there I guess.
Recent polar motion peak was in 1998.  The next such peak will be in  2042. 
 Global cooling will
take place from 1998 to 2020 (perhaps with a 5-10 year thermal storage of  
the Earth lag time).
Maybe the polar ice sheets will solidify a bit around 2020 to 2025.   
Global warming will take place from
2020 to 2042 again.  Warm around 2042 and 5-10 years thereafter.   Bet on 
     From 2010 to 2015 or so Earth temperatures should  become more 
average, or more
moderate in general.  There is plenty of global water around due to  recent 
polar ice cap warming.
Around 2020 there may be some droughts in the world and also some fairly  
large snowstorms.
Think something like the snow event of New York City in 1888.  (22  years 
before polar motion peak of
1910).  Droughts could be like the Dust Bowl of 1932 (central USA) (22  
years after 1910) --- hopefully
farming and soil conservation practices will make any such dust bowl event  
less severe.
     NRC has approved some nuclear plant design to go  forward.  Good.
     Enjoy your weekend!!!!
     Ho Ho Ho!!!!     Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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