[ RadSafe ] Surplus of Harshaw TLD reader and Irradiator

John Mitchell jimitche at gw.dec.state.ny.us
Tue Dec 27 08:07:44 CST 2011

Dear Radsafers:
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will surplus an operational (with a little routine maintenance) Harshaw Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Reader (Model 6600) and Irradiator  (Model 6610) System.  The TLD Irradiator contains a licensable cesium-137 radioactive source.  
An additional piece of laboratory equipment in need of surplussing is a Tennelec Low Background LB1000 gross alpha/gross beta proportional counter.  This is an older rack-mounted stand-alone design (not computer controlled) instrument was never put into use by the Department.   Anyone interested in using this piece of equipment would need to purchase a licensable alpha/beta source in order to operate it.  
Since this is State owned equipment, DEC would prefer to surplus these laboratory instruments to a New York State entity (governmental or educational) which could use them and is capable of accepting responsibility for the radioactive material.  If a New York entity does not express an interest, out-of-state entities would be considered.  Interested parties should contact John Mitchell at jimitche at gw.dec.state.ny.us.
Thank you in advance.

John Mitchell
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation
Remedial Bureau A
Radiological Sites Section
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-7255

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