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Michael E. Kitto mek14 at health.state.ny.us
Fri Dec 30 12:24:51 CST 2011

First, I am glad now that my house is at 440 feet AMSL  ;)

"......According to one witness, his seismic analysis indicated that the
plant could  be hit by a 400 foot high Tsunami.....

Secondly, on the subject of "every possibility",  I am sure the bike rider
on the Serengeti did not consider that an antelope would wipe him out.  Now
that was funny.

Mike Kitto

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Dec. 30

         "every possibility"?

         Given the limitless imaginations and the lurid fantasies of
the anti-nukers I suspect this could become an exquisitely long list.

         Have you examined all the possibilities of the dangers that
go along with driving your car?  Elephant gets loose from the circus,
wanders across the road while you're rushing to the reactor in an
emergency response.  You broadside the elephant, killing it; and a
band of crazed PETA members wielding pitchforks and staves descends
on you. . . .

Steven Dapra
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