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It says that it takes 48 hours before it has a reliable reading -- I
assume that it has a charge plate or something to collect Rn progeny.

I assume that the error bars on the measurement results are quite
large...  =20
However, it is approved by the EPA for evaluation of home Rn levels
(needs to be calibrated annually if used professionally)

Also has lots of caveats for placement:
Areas To Avoid Placing Detector
* Near drafts caused by heating, ventilating, air condition vents,
doors, fans and windows
* Near excessive heat, such as fireplaces, direct sunlight and areas of
high humidity
* Near TV's, computers, radios, fluorescent lights or other electrical
* Near furniture, curtains, or other items that may inhibit air flow
through the ventilation slots of the detector
* Do not place in kitchens, laundry rooms, closets or bathrooms
* Do not place directly on metal, granite or slate.

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At 09:32 AM 3/27/2012, Cary Renquistwrote:
>Forgot...  Here is his actual monitoring page:
>Monitoring Radon in the Home
March 27, 2012

Radon is an inert gas and is quite dilute in room air.

How does the Pro Series 3 Radon Monitor detect radon?

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