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Mark S. Sasser duke99301 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 24 22:28:54 CST 2011

 I have been reviewing some letters my father had from DOE handford just before 
he retried in 1987
below is some of the wording. I need some help with this please.

Routine bio assay Measurement Results
the results of the subject individual's routine urine measurement in 1987 are 
consistent with those expectedfrom the previously evaluated intakes that occured 
in 1964 ,1966,1967.
as reported in referenced correspondence, it is estimated that the individual 
has a total systemic deposition of plutonium and americium of 14% of the maximum 
permissible body burden in ICRP#2. in Addition, it is estimated that the 
resulting annual dose to the lung for 1987 from intake is 27% of DOE Radiation 
Protection Standard.
  below all this the paper is written on the bottom this information has not 
been reported to the individual
by PNL personnel DOSIMETRY.
in 1964 it was confirmed the materiel in the chest is being in the lung . it 
appears to be very insoluble component that occurred on may 15 ,1964.

they tracked this since that date and did not inform him of the problem until a 
date when documents were declassified 

in 1986 he was still showing 4100mrem(27% of the standard ). to his lung.

my father now 84 years old and we do not know what we should do about what is in 
his lungs? My question is has anyone had to deal with DOE on this subject and 
what could be done about it?
thank you for your time

Mark S.Sasser
Safety Manger
Alara Eng.


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