[ RadSafe ] Collective Dose and Death

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Jan. 4

         Is there an appropriate response to someone this stupendously dumb?

Steven Dapra

At 06:09 PM 1/4/2011, you wrote:
>During a college lecture on radiation effects, I once offered the profound
>observation that, regardless of radiation exposure, the death rate will be
>exactly one per person. In the discussion that followed, a student 
>said that he
>disagreed with my observation stating that, "if you consider all of the human
>beings who were ever born, most are still alive, so that based upon 
>evidence, the death rate must be < 0.5/person". I am still trying to think of
>what might have been an appropriate response.
>Jerry Cohen
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>I suspect, were we to add up all the statistical deaths from all hypothetical
>sources and hazards (not just deadly ionizing radiation) over the course of a
>year, the total would exceed the earth's population.  I do not 
>intend to go to
>all the trouble to do that, but someone with a lot of spare time.....
>Glenn Marshall, CHP, RRPT
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>There is nothing complicated about this issue. Collective dose is very
>meaningful if linear-no threshold theory (LNT) is valid -- it predicts
>the number of deaths caused. But if LNT is not valid, it is essentially
>meaningless except as a political tool.
>On 1/4/2011 9:47 AM, Otto G. Raabe wrote:
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> >> January 4, 2011
> >
> > Collective dose is meaningless and misleading. Only individual dose is
> > meaningful.
> >
> > Otto
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