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I forward this message to you in order to show you the recent progress of
Nuclear Power plant construction or – with other words – the fact that
nuclear power is on a continuous rise, whatever some “green”-blind groups
claim. I recommend to everybody who is interested in this topic to subscribe
to the Weekly Digest. I regard it as a impartial site, which gives facts and
no speculations in any direction.


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6 January 2011


2010 a year of accelerated construction starts

During 2010 five reactors were grid connected, and none were permanently
shut down except France's Phenix (which WNA reported thus in 2009 when it
finished generating power).  The newly-operating reactors are Rostov 2 (950
MWe) in Russia, Rajasthan 6 (202 MWe) in India, Lingao II-1 (1000 MWe) and
Qinshan II-3 (610 MWe) in China, and Shin Kori -1 (960 MWe) in South Korea,
giving total 3722 MWe net and 442 reactors.  There were a number of power
uprates, which helped take the total operating capacity up to 377,222 MWe, a
net 4622 MWe increase on 372,600 MWe a year ago. Also there were 15
construction starts, boosting the construction total to 63 reactors (64,576
MWe), compared with 53 (51,114 MWe) a year earlier.

UAE construction licence application

nfo%2FUAE_nuclear_power_inf123.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h> 's Emirates
Nuclear Energy Corporation lodged a 9000-page construction licence
application with the Federal Authority of Nuclear Regulation at the end of
December for units 1 & 2 of the Braka nuclear power plant.  This is to
undertake full site works, and start construction of unit 1 late in 2012,
and unit 2 a year later.  Commercial operation is envisaged in 2017 and 2018
respectively, followed by 2019 and 2020 for units 3 & 4.  A South Korean
consortium led by KEPCO is supplying the four APR-1400 reactors, for about
US$ 20.4 billion.  They will be largely financed by the UAE state.   WNN

China starts construction of new reactor

At the end of December construction of Fuqing unit 3 started, with some
fanfare.  This is a 1080 MWe CPR-1000 unit, which is due to come on line in
July 2015.  The site will eventually host six.   China National Nuclear
Corporation is the major shareholder in Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Co Ltd which
was set up in May 2006 with 49% held by China Huadian Corp, one of the major
Chinese generators.   This was the ninth Chinese construction start in 2010,
and brings the total under construction there to 27.   WNN 4/1/11.  China
nfo%2Finf63.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h>  nuclear power

Chinese uranium mine starts production in Niger

nfo%2Finf110.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h> 's newest uranium mine is
essentially a Chinese operation, though with mandatory 33% Niger government
equity.  It started production in December and will ramp up to 700 tU/yr.
Main owner is China Nuclear International Uranium Corporation (SinoU), a
subsidiary of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), with a 37.2%
share in the joint venture company Societe des Mines d'Azelik SA.  Two other
Chinese entities hold 29.8%.  WNN 4/1/11.

South Korea opens waste repository

A long-awaited repository for low- and intermediate-level radioactive wastes
has opened at Gyeongju in South
nfo%2Finf81.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h>  Korea. The Korea Radioactive Waste
Management Co. Ltd (KRWM) has accepted the first shipment of 1000 drums of
wastes from Ulchin nuclear power plant, and expects nine such shipments each
year.  In 2008 construction of underground silos at the site commenced, and
these will be commissioned in 2012.

The Gyeongju location, 370 km southeast of Seoul and close to the Wolsong
nuclear power plant, was decided in 2005 after votes in four provincial
cities.  Almost 90% of its voters approved, compared with 67 to 84% in the
other contender locations.  As well as a US$ 260 million initial grant, the
local community will receive annual fees for hosting the facility.  Earlier
attempts over 1988-96 to find a repository site failed.


Other papers updated on the WNA Public Information Service (see WNA web
site):? Reactor
nfo%2Freactors.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h>  table

Other country papers:  India
nfo%2Finf53.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h> ,  Mongolia
nfo%2Finf125-mongolia.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h> ,  Switzerland
nfo%2Finf86.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h> ,  Turkey
nfo%2Finf128-nuclear_power_in_turkey.html&e=4379&j=257202962&t=h> ,  USA


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