[ RadSafe ] Collective Dose and Death

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jan 6 10:16:28 CST 2011

At 10:11 PM 1/5/2011, Howard Long wrote:
>Sunshine, 20 min a week for a year to arms and face, is needed, although
>30 x that burns, if at one sitting.
>Sunshine, better than aspirin, illustrates inappropriatness of 
>collective dose of ionizing radiation because more similar. Right, Otto?
I don';t see the connection.

Sunlight is is more complex. The burns are caused by infrared but the 
skin cancers are caused by ultraviolet near the other end of the 
visible light spectrum.

  I don't think there is a linear relationship between skin cancer 
risk and ultraviolrt exposure. In fact, I believe there is an 
effective threshold.


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