[ RadSafe ] Employment Opportunity for a Health Physicist at the Medical Center of UC San Diego

Singleton, Corey csingleton at ucsd.edu
Wed Jan 12 16:18:13 CST 2011

Sick of snow and ice? Well, it is currently 70 degrees and sunny in San Diego!

The University of California, San Diego has an job opening for a Senior Health Physicist for the Medical Center.

Please apply at: http://jobs.ucsd.edu/bulletin/job.aspx?cat=engineering&sortby=post&jobnum_in=55782

Although the listed hiring salary range is quite wide, the actual pay is around $80-90k.  The posting closes on Friday January 21, 2010.


This positions works under the direction of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of assigned safety programs for all Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine operations at the Medical Center.

Responsibilities include the following:  Oversees radiation safety technicians providing support for radiopharmaceutical diagnostic and therapeutic uses. Performs in depth audits of Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and PET centers on a monthly or quarterly basis. Oversees the safe use of radioactive materials during therapy procedures. Assists with setup and tear down of therapy rooms. Oversees that lead aprons are being inspected in compliance with the Joint Commission's guidelines. Performs shielding evaluations for new and existing fluoro and PET facilities as needed. Investigates ALARA exposures, suggest and implement corrective actions and present the findings to the Medical Center Radiation Safety Committee. Works with users of fluoroscopy to keep doses to patients and users as low as reasonably achievable. Advises the RSO on status and any problems involving radiation safety at the Medical Center. Performs reviews of research applications involving human subjects and calculates dose estimates for exposures from radiopharmaceuticals, x-ray, CT, PET and radioactive drugs used in research. Provides technical support to assigned Radioisotope Use Authorizations (RUAs) and provides general and specific ionizing radiation safety training. Responds to radiological events and prepares and presents analysis, reports and recommendations to the campus and medical center radiation safety committees.

~~Must respond to UCSD in the event of an after hours, weekend or holiday incident involving hazardous materials spills. Serve as a member of the EH&S Duty Responders Team, providing after hours, weekend, and holiday on-call service to UCSD for one-week shifts, 2-4 times per year.


* Bachelor's Degree in Radiation Safety, Health Physics, Biological or Physical Science, engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience. Masters degree in above field preferred.

* Demonstrated ability to design, develop, manage and implement elements of a Radiation Safety program. Detailed knowledge of California Radiation Control Regulations, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations relative to the control and use of radioactive materials, the shipping and receiving of radioactive materials, radiation dosimetry, contamination control, radiation shielding, etc.

* Demonstrated in depth knowledge of radioisotope handling techniques. Demonstrated ability to conduct detailed radioisotope use and machine use laboratory audits.

* Knowledge of radiation safety lab audit procedures. Ability to write technical and general audience directed reports supporting radiation safety.

* In depth knowledge of the principles of external radiation dosimetry including the relative merits and problems associated with conventional and electronic dosimeters.

* In depth knowledge of the principles of biological uptake and retention/excretion functions of radioisotopes in humans. Ability to evaluate lab protocols for potential contamination dose pathways, both internal and external.

* In depth knowledge of radioisotope measurement/analysis techniques using: liquid scintillation, NaI spectroscopy, and survey equipment including Geiger counters, NaI monitors, ion chambers, gas proportional counters, etc.

~Must have a current and valid CA driver's license or the ability to travel to and from satellite facilities.

~Background check is required.

UC San Diego is an Equal Opportunity / Staff Affirmative Action Employer that values a diverse workforce.


Corey Singleton, CHP
Radiation Safety Officer
Environment Health and Safety
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr. #0089
La Jolla, CA 92093-0089
c  858-583-3268
w 858-822-4045
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