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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Jul 18 11:42:16 CDT 2011

Hi Radsafe,
      Understanding fusion is probably like  understanding how a car engine 
Once someone explains how it works, then it makes much more sense.   Then 
once you replace the old 
engine technology with fuel injectors etc,, everything becomes much more  
Of course, maybe fusion has a chance of not working the way we want at  all.
      The morning TV news indicates a typhoon is  headed towards the 
Japanese problem nuclear plants.
Oh my.
       For those of you in Canada's Northwest  territories, gold and 
diamonds are up there.
Sniff around a bit and stake your claim.
       For those HP's in California, I might  think of panning for gold 
where signiificant panning has
already taken place, bearing the following information in mind.  A  book on 
Physical Processes
of Sedimentation (by Middleton and Southard) might come in handy to  
understanding how gold is
transported in a river.  The gold just might travel downward to rock  
layers just above bedrock.
Gold is heavy and falls out of a river quicker than the other rocks, sand  
etc.  Gold in water hitting a
big rock in the stream might just settle in right around such a rock.   
Gold trapped under a big rock in a stream is probably likely to stay under such 
 a rock.
      So, get on your hip waders, get your gold  pan, and get started.  
Bring your GM detector also????
      The elements used in aneutronic fusion might  not be quite so 
plentiful as deuterium.
       Regards,    Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig
PS  For those HP's living around Arkansas, there is a state park there  
where one can dig through dirt
      and occasionally find diamonds.  A  fee  is charged for doing this.
      Apparently Scion cars cost about 20K  $.  Scion is coming out with a 
new electric car (all
electric).  Wonder if it will cost 20K $ also.  Guess the nuke  plant down 
the street will provide some 
of the electricity for these cars.....

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