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Dear Sir:

I have been trying to find an expert who is willing( or capable) of providing the information I am seeking. I am trying to determine the THEORETICAL X-ray output potential (in an unshielded environment)
of the klystron tube, 3KM50000PA, manufactured by Varian Corp.(Eimac). I have attached a PDF format document with all of the technical data for that tube. The frequency used for operational purposes was 291 MHz (Approx.) this gives us a wave length of approximately 100 cm. I believe this, along with the operational parameters in the PDF file,  should give you all of the data needed to calculate a ROUGH estimation of the X-ray power capability.

I have also attached  my latest appeal letter to the V.A., describing the circumstances at the time of my exposure. The situation that lead up to my exposure is statistically unique. There were very few USAF radar sites equipped with the AN/FRT-49, the Russian submarine being spotted off the N.W. coast at the time we had the standby transmitter down for maintenance, the de-tuned operational unit that had to be brought back to optimum performance to meet the mission requirements to fly the fighter jets to intercept the submarine. These all came together to force me into a decision I knew to be dangerous.

I have received varying opinions from the Health Physics Society experts, and also flat out refusals to attempt to answer my question. I have been in contact with officials at Varian Corp. who referred me to their engineering department. They had compiled data to provide to me, (ion chamber readings of the tube at manufacture) but were stopped by their legal department from sending that data to me.
I have also been in touch with a group of U.S. Coast Guard veterans who have the same concerns with high power klystrons used on the LORAN navigation systems, and they could benefit from this data.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

William J. Lambiaso
billdarlene1 at msn.com

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