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At 10:55 AM 7/22/2011, you wrote:
>At what level should there be some concern?   6 pCi/L? 8? 10? 100?
According to Richard Thompson ("Epidemiological Evidence for Possible 
Radiation Hormesis from Radon Exposure: A Case-Control Study 
Conducted in Worcester, MA, Dose-Response 9:59-75,2011): "...this 
model predicts an AOR that is numerically less than 1.0 for radon 
exposures up to 545 Bq m-3 versus the above baseline, reference exposure."

 From this 545/37= 14.7 pCi/L. Of course the dose to the bronchial 
epithelium various considerably depending on local conditions. A 
reasonable safety limit would be 10 pCi/L. This is the same value I 
estimated from dose calculations.

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