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Wed Jun 1 07:23:43 CDT 2011


I am getting a "little" suspicious on this universal genius Chris Busby. I refrained recently to express this opinion, but now I have to do it. He is not only the ultimate expert on radioactivity, nuclear power, cancer, radioecology, nuclear accidents and bla, bla, bla, but now also finally on Non Ionizing Radiation (NIR, we call it)! Additionally he seems to be the ultimate expert on how to raise money for pseudo research. I am far from being an expert in the field of NIR, but I use common sense and scientific education received decades ago and still not outdated. This tells me that all this pseudoscientific bogus he distributeds is just nonsense and only directed towards making money. 

Also interesting, how much "research" he does! Does he ever sleep? How many people has he employed?

Obviously this lack of sleep causes him to answer a question to his claim that Pu is a problem in cows milk with outdated and irrelevant data from the USA on Sr-90!!!! Or is it some other lack of knowledge? Can't he distinguish Pu-undefined from Sr-90?

Kind regards to RADSAFErs, but not to the universal genius Chris Busby, who obviously tries to fool RADSAFErs.


---- "Busby schrieb:
> Dear Radsafers,
> I have been looking at this in between everything else since 1998 when I was funded by Children With Leukemia to do some reseacrh on the issue. I believe that the carcinogenic effects of RF are due to increasing the energy of electrons produced by ionising radiation, either from the (major) photoelectron tracks induced by gamma background or the beta tracks from internal emitters. The electron energy is modulated by the B field of the
>  RF Electromagnetic radiation.. Thus the electrons borrow energy from the  EM field which they then deposit in tissue as ionisation. This gets round the fact that the quantum energy of th EM photons are not absorbed by any energy levels available in molecules.  We are currently examining this issue in the laboratory. It is odd that no one has thought of this. I suppose because you all imagine these background levels of exposure to be harmless.
> Chris
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