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franz.schoenhofer at chello.at franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Wed Jun 1 12:59:17 CDT 2011

Dear Mike,

I have already mentioned, that I am not at all an expert on NIR. But how can y o u  dare to question the scientific qualification of our expert for everything - let it be nuclear power, radiation protection, radiation damage, radioecology, nuclear disasters, now NIR and what else is associated with these topics? Do you really expect that he understands, what you write? In the best case he will accuse you of not having defined your questions precisely enough or he will simply ignore it or give an answer to something you have not asked for - as happened only recently to me. 

Is there really anybody on RADSAFE who believes anything this Chris Busby writes? Please look at my previous post on his claims. 

Good luck for you!


---- "Brennan schrieb:.

> Chris,
> What is the energy range of the electrons produced from the
> photoelectron tracks induced by gamma background or beta tracks from
> internal emitters?  (I recognize that the energy of the electrons
> ultimately drop to some fairly low but non-zero level, at which time
> they get attach to some likely atom or molecule with a more positive
> attitude).  What is the range of energy that the RF adds to the
> electron?  Does the RF in question ONLY add energy to electrons, or does
> it also slow down electrons that are traveling in the opposite
> direction?  (If it only adds, I would be fascinated to know what the
> mechanism involved is)  If the RF adds energy to some electrons, and
> subtracts energy from other electrons, or if the amount of energy added
> is small compared to the peak energy of the electrons produced by gamma
> background or internal radioactive decay, is it reasonable to spend time
> and effort on this, as opposed to something that will reduce population
> dose more?
> And is there even the slightest chance that the risk from RF from cell
> phones is within orders of magnitudes of the two major health effects of
> cell phones? 

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