[ RadSafe ] Fw: Research on cellphone effects

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 15:42:24 CDT 2011

It is interesting to note that WHO has reported on the effects of cellphone use 
after a million dollar study. Not surprisingly, they suggest that harmful 
effects might occur,  but further study is needed. After a career involving 
government sponsored research, I believe I could direct such research at a much 
lower cost.
For a <$0.5 million, I could complete a study indicating that cellphones can 
cause cancer. Should you want proof that cellphones cause no ill effects, such a 
study would require several millions of dollars. It is much more difficult to 
prove a negative. In any case, the conclusions will suggest that further study 
will be needed.
Any takers?
Jerry Cohen

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