[ RadSafe ] Radioactive Patients

Jeff Terry terryj at iit.edu
Thu Jun 16 14:45:21 CDT 2011

As someone who travels often with sensitive scientific instruments, I have yet to run into a radioactive hotel room. 

Although, I do believe that I was given the room Charlie Sheen stayed in the night before in Las Vegas at the ANS meeting. I think I would have preferred the radioactive room. 


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On Jun 16, 2011, at 11:10 AM, "Stabin, Michael" <michael.g.stabin at Vanderbilt.Edu> wrote:

> Jeff Siegel, Carol Marcus and I published a serious article in Health Physics about changing how we release radioactive patients, and I mentioned it here. I can't tell that ANYONE read it, we got no positive or negative comments. If we are right, significant changes should be considered to the current lunacy about scary, scary radioactive patients, contamination in hotel rooms, etc. If we are wrong, show us how.

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