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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Jun 16 19:31:11 CDT 2011

June 16

         I'm with Mike.  We need more light and less heat.  (Not that 
I've never contributed any of the latter. . . .)

Steven Dapra

At 10:10 AM 6/16/2011, you wrote:

>Sigh. My digest arrives, I see about 15 posts about Otto's (quite 
>excellent) paper, silly me, I got my hopes up. Nope, just name 
>calling, silly discussions about being 'professorial' (which 
>ohhhhkay, my 2c, Otto is one of the real outstanding and 
>intellectual members of the HP community and a professor. I'm not 
>going to strike it from my sig line, either, sheesh. I have known a 
>few German profs who insist on being called 'Professor Doctor Doctor 
>Smith' to their face, if they have a PhD and an MD and teach - now 
>THAT is silly).
>But what about the SUBSTANCE of what Otto is saying? Is anyone 
>listening? I haven't heard anyone, in this forum, or at the 
>meetings, seriously debating what he is saying, which, if true would 
>affect our entire radiation safety paradigm. Personally, I am 
>persuaded by his analysis and conclusions.
>Jeff Siegel, Carol Marcus and I published a serious article in 
>Health Physics about changing how we release radioactive patients, 
>and I mentioned it here. I can't tell that ANYONE read it, we got no 
>positive or negative comments. If we are right, significant changes 
>should be considered to the current lunacy about scary, scary 
>radioactive patients, contamination in hotel rooms, etc. If we are 
>wrong, show us how. If there is time for yelling at each other, 
>debating fear mongers and discussing US- or Eurocentrism on radsafe, 
>there should be time for reading and discussing a few journal 
>articles that have something to say. There are good people here, 
>this could be such a great forum, but it rarely is.
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