[ RadSafe ] Hot particles on automobile air filters

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Jun 23 12:49:26 CDT 2011

At 09:08 AM 6/23/2011, you wrote:

>I have seen the autoradiographs

June 23

         (Busby is referring to autoradiographs of these alleged hot 

         Where did you see them?  In the Fleet Street yellow 
press?  As usual, you provide no source material, you merely make a claim.

Steven Dapra

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>I guess it all depends on your definition of a "hot particle".  This 
>could just mean that something above background was detected.  We 
>define a hot particle as a radioactive particle with a contact dose 
>rate of >100 mrem/h.  I can't imagine any hot particles, NORM, or 
>TENORM in the public domain of Washington having dose rates of that magnitude?
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>I have received several calls and emails from people in Washington who
>are alarmed about "hot particles" being found on automobile air filters.
>The only source I found for this is a vague statement from Arnold
>Gundersen in an article he gave to Aljazeera.  I admit that I do not
>give to this source the same credence I would give to an article in a
>peer reviewed journal.
>Has anyone seen anything else about this?

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