[ RadSafe ] Fukushima hot particle(s)

Tom Simpson bullet308 at att.net
Thu Jun 23 13:28:29 CDT 2011

Show me an image of a dissected car air filter's contents spread out on 
a white sheet of paper with a Geiger counter or scintillator reacting to 
it, and I will become more interested. Really, is this a difficult thing 
to do? I could have it up on YouTube in half an hour!

In the meantime, I am not buying.


On 06/23/2011 02:16 PM, Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:
> I spent a while researching it yesterday, and every thread I followed
> came back to Gundersen's comment, which gave no details at all.  I have
> to admit that the if Gundersen truly said the things in the Aljazeera
> article, he has lost all credibility with anyone with any understanding
> of rad or reactors.
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> 	Do a Google search for "Fukushima hot particles".  You will
> receive
> links to CNN and YouTube.  It seems that Arnie Gunderson is peddling
> the hot particle story.

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