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You forgot to include the Bush administration's claim of Iraq's stockpiling of WMDs.  Look how many lives and how much treasure that fear-mongering has cost.

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> No matter how despicable we find the practice of fear mongering to be, one thing 
> that can be said in its favor is that--- it works. It has been the most 
> effective tool of the greenies, the anti-nucs, and their sycophants in the news 
> media.
> Jerry Cohen
> "an ounce of fear is worth a pound of reason"
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> Stewart:
> Don't forget the large numbers of deaths directly attributable to fossil
> fuel extraction, the environmental damage caused in its extraction, the vast
> quantities of solid waste from fossil fuel burning, the number of deaths
> attributable to the emissions from fossil fuel burning (oh, and the large
> quantities of radioactive materials released in these processes - well above
> those of the nuclear industry........
> http://www.ornl.gov/info/ornlreview/rev26-34/text/colmain.html ).
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