[ RadSafe ] Autoradiographs of a dandelion leaf

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Fri Jun 24 16:47:39 CDT 2011

June 24

	Go to www.llrc.org and scroll down a short distance.  You will find 
a link to an autoradiograph whose date of posting is May 19.  (I 
wonder why it has taken Chris Busby almost a month to start waving 
this around on RADSAFE.)  I can't give the direct link.  Within the 
article at this link is a link to one "Desdemona Despair's" blog with 
more autoradiographs.  You'll have to scroll almost halfway down the 
page to find the pictures.

	A comment on the blog says (in part):

"The dandelion leaves are definitely contaminated from particles 
rained out or settled on the leaves from the air currents. This is 
just like nuclear bomb test fallout on tobacco leaves during 1952-63 
in the US, causing a large increase in lung cancer during that period 
in the US."

	Signed by "Leuren Moret, Radiation Expert in Berkeley, 
California."  Roger (Helbig) does that name sound familiar?

Steven Dapra

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