[ RadSafe ] Hot particles on automobile air filters

Jim Hardeman Jim.Hardeman at dnr.state.ga.us
Sun Jun 26 14:29:30 CDT 2011

Difficult to interpret w/o axis labeling ...
Jim Hardeman

>>> Jeff Terry <terryj at iit.edu> 6/26/2011 00:19 >>>
Hi All, 

Please remember that the list only accepts pdf files. If you want to have your files sent through to the list, then you must convert them to pdf before submission. If you do not, then they get bounced to me and I just don't have time to convert them all to pdfs for everyone. 

I won't get in the habit of converting these and posting them. I have to look through and find the bounced file, convert it, and repost it. Consider this a one time effort on my part. Buy a Mac and just save everything as a pdf while in print mode, easy. 



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