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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Mar 2 20:15:07 CST 2011

March 2

         Why does the "priesthood" propose such policies?  My guess 
is that many of them have bought into the philosophy of statism.

Steven Dapra

At 01:25 PM 3/2/2011, you wrote:
>It is interesting that in your article, you conjectured on a possible future
>policy of "as low as unreasonably achievable" (ALAURA). It should be 
>noted that
>a precursor to the current ALARA policy was ALAP (as low as 
>possible). ALAP was
>superseded by ALARA  because of an awareness that no matter how low 
>the level of
>exposure, it could  always be made yet lower by expending more and more
>resources toward that end.
>       The "preisthood" (ICRP, etc) who advise such policies are composed of
>experts on radiation effects. They are not stupid people; so why do 
>they propose
>policies that many of us consider ill advised? It may stem from a genuine
>concern for human well-being---or--- could it possibly be from enlightened
>self-interest? It is hard to get funding to protect people against 
>anything that
>is not harmful.
>Jerry Cohen


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