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> Why does the "priesthood" propose such policies?  

1) Kool-Aid
2) Lots of research dollars and employment dollars for chasing trivial exposures. OK, a take-off on Field of Dreams...If you scare em, they will pay.

The original philosophy was As Low as Possible, but of course this is always eventually zero. 'Reasonably Achievable' is open to discussion, the point of this article was to suggest that the 'U' is being added to ALARA to make it ALAURA. There is no evidence to support the heroic attempts to lower dose limits, to shield radiologic facilities to 0.25 mSv, etc. this is just 'faith-based radiation protection', a la Bob Dixon. Then there is the 'every CT is going to kill you' group, 'there is no safe radon level' crowd, etc. The argument made in the article is that in the long term this does not create jobs, it will kill them, and the main point is of course not about jobs, it's about a reasoned approach to public safety. See my recent post about toxic chemical shipment accidents and real harm vs. theoretical harm. Where should the money be spent? I rant, you decide.


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March 2

         Why does the "priesthood" propose such policies?  My guess 
is that many of them have bought into the philosophy of statism.

Steven Dapra

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