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March 4

         So . . . you wanted to be Dr. FeelGood.

Steven Dapra

At 02:59 PM 3/3/2011, you wrote:
>I think you show a good understanding of the problem.  Some time ago, on
>radsafe, I suggested a new discipline to deal with such problems and 
>called it
>"Health Metaphysics". The object of health metaphysics was to 
>control radiation
>exposures to a point where everyone feels good about the situation. 
>Somehow, the
>idea was never accepted. I can't figure out why ;-)      Jerry
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>Subject: [ RadSafe ] As low as possible
> > Why does the "priesthood" propose such policies?
>1) Kool-Aid
>2) Lots of research dollars and employment dollars for chasing trivial
>exposures. OK, a take-off on Field of Dreams...If you scare em, they will pay.
>The original philosophy was As Low as Possible, but of course this is always
>eventually zero. 'Reasonably Achievable' is open to discussion, the point of
>this article was to suggest that the 'U' is being added to ALARA to make it
>ALAURA. There is no evidence to support the heroic attempts to lower dose
>limits, to shield radiologic facilities to 0.25 mSv, etc. this is just
>'faith-based radiation protection', a la Bob Dixon. Then there is 
>the 'every CT
>is going to kill you' group, 'there is no safe radon level' crowd, etc. The
>argument made in the article is that in the long term this does not 
>create jobs,
>it will kill them, and the main point is of course not about jobs, 
>it's about a
>reasoned approach to public safety. See my recent post about toxic chemical
>shipment accidents and real harm vs. theoretical harm. Where should 
>the money be
>spent? I rant, you decide.
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