[ RadSafe ] NO win from radsafe, just Guerilla tactics at their finest

Bob Cherry bobcherry at satx.rr.com
Thu Mar 3 22:23:00 CST 2011

I made no comment about the goodness or badness of war in general or the
Vietnam War in particular. I was responding to a comment on a military
matter that I believed was not accurate. It unintentionally insulted the
soldiers I served with and I could not let it stand unchallenged. 


The fall of Vietnam was not the result of guerilla action by the way. It
followed a conventional military assault that occurred after the US Army had
disengaged at the order of US civilian authority.


I regret the loss of your brother and numerous friends. I assume they died
in honorable service of our Country. They probably did not want to go to
Vietnam. I know I did not, but we answered our Country's call. I hope you
honor them on Memorial Day, as I do for them and my fellow Servicemen and
Service women, some of whose deaths I witnessed as a result of guerilla
tactics (specifically, booby traps and sniper fire).


You may be left offended and you may remain so. I don't care.  Your remarks
offend me but they are related to my life forty years ago. Debating them now
is pointless and fruitless, especially with someone like you. I have already
wasted too much time and effort on you. I am going back to the Red
Wings-Sharks game (1-1 after one period).


You besmirched the integrity of my colleagues with your snarky remarks
below. Since some of them might be "left offended," I am forwarding your
note to the RADSAFE list server since you apparently are not honorable or
brave enough to send your remarks about them to them yourself. They may wish
to respond to your "tactics" and opinions of them.


Bob Cherry, PhD, CHP

Researcher, author, associate editor, physicist, health physicist, and


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Dear Mr. Cherry:


There was NO win for the 50,000 + lives lost and for their families,
including my brother and numerous friends.


"Guerilla" is what happens now in the nuclear industry and in particular on
the Rad"Safe" listserv forum. Sniper tactics, undemocratic commentary,
arbitrary, capricious and unilateral actions to protect vested interests and
the inability to conduct genuine conversations there, perhaps leading to
better science is the exact definition of "Guerilla tactics."


Loosing family members while gaining only broken hearts leaves me offended
at your comment.


Louis Ricciuti,
researcher, author, science editor -
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Niagara Falls - Lewiston - Porter, New York,
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