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And yet again.


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WOW! "Shame on me" -- "shame on me." I'm not a child that you can easily
confuse. Shame on you too.
Isotopic analysis? YOU supply that would you? I know what characterizations
have or have not been made in this area -- unlike you -- I make NO COMMENTS
about places or areas I know not of what I speak! Name calling again, tsk,
tsk "self aggrandizing" ? You've got that market cornered Kim.
I know that I didn't "start" anything and I certainly know how to finish
this tale. Once again you're letting your mind run off and are trying to
intimidate me whist running at the mouth. How do you know what level of
education I have or in what fields? That's pretty full of oneself isn't it?
Please don't answer that. Just go an insult someone else.
Pay attention to the first email back to you as these are the last I'll
bother with. If the post is gone then you're in the clear and all I'll have
are the memories and record of this conversation. Get that too? Now, off
with you.
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You have drawn the conclusion first and are trying to make the data fit your
case. That is the definition of an activist. Shame on you. Where is the
isotopic analysis of what was detected? How do you "know" it fits the
profile of the material contained within the boundary of the FUSRAP site?
You don't, but here you are running out in front of the story anyway for
your own self-aggrandizing purpose. You're not scientists, and you're not
professionals - stop kidding yourselves. You don't even know how to begin,
even less how to finish well. 

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Thanks G. Another coffee cup will do fine.
I just sent him a CC about it. If he'll clarify further, so can we. Cheers,

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So this guy has made the connection online that the characterization isn't
what's been previously claimed as "industrial" but rather it's associated
with the good folks at FUSRAP up at Lewiston, NY? I wonder why the Buffalo
Army Corps group hasn't come out with that yet? Well that's a turn of the
tale once again. I wish there's be just one story. Good catch and you're in
for another promotion. Run with it. Just remember, be fair and balanced.
We're not activists. Submit soon.


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