[ RadSafe ] 8 X "Normal"?

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Fri Mar 11 19:20:40 CST 2011

Roger said: "Does anyone know what normal is - vs 8 or 1000 times normal"

Well, driving around the USA my mobile outfit reads from a low of 2 microR/H on 
some Gulf Coast beaches, to around 25 microR/H on the Colorado Plateau.

Many of us consider an statistical "average normal" to be 10 uR/H but of course it all depends on the 
local geology and environment.

So 8 Times almost nothing is still almost nothing.

Of course you could be knee deep in Tritium (Beta only) and your Gamma Monitor will pretty much
just sit there. *

*yah, yah Brems and XRF.

George Dowell

New London Nucleonics Lab 

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