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Subj: Update on Japan Situation

Dear ANS Members:

I'm sure you are aware of the  rapidly developing situation in Japan. The 
ANS is working on multiple fronts  to collect credible information on the 
incident, and distribute that  information through mainstream and social media 

We have  communicated with our counterparts at the Atomic Energy Society of 
Japan to  offer any technical or other assistance which may be of help.

We have  set up a special page on the ANS blog (http://ansnuclearcafe.org) 
to aggregate  media reports and provide additional information when we 
consider it to be  credible.

We are also working to organize television appearances and  other media 
availabilities for our members so that some of the misinformation  that has 
been presented by anti-nuclear groups can be rebutted with facts. Our  goal is 
not necessarily to be the first on the air, but to be the most  credible.

Attached you will find some talking points, along with our  current 
analysis of the sequence of events at Fukushima I-1. I encourage you  to talk to 
your social networks to ensure that people have the right facts and  the 
proper perspective on this incident.

Let me know what other actions  our Society should be taking during this 
nuclear incident.

My thoughts  and prayers go out to the people of Japan.


Joe  Colvin

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