[ RadSafe ] Japan reactor crises

chris.hofmeyr at webmail.co.za chris.hofmeyr at webmail.co.za
Sun Mar 13 04:19:24 CDT 2011

I find the communiques regarding the Fukushima reactor problems rather
disappointing. Since the most endangered No1 reactor is a GE BWR type, one
could expect knowledgeable explanations and comment from within the USA. What
do we get? Mostly journalists and anti-nuclear types having a field day. It
would seem that the emergency core cooling system to cool the vessel from
outside has been destroyed in the explosion? Sea water would seem more
appropriate for such an application? Just asking, as my knowledge of BWRs
approaches zero, and I would appreciate expert explanations of relevant
Chris Hofmeyr
chris.hofmeyr at webmail.co.za

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