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March 13

         Bob Arnot's biography on Wikipedia:  (Bio says little about 
him and does not specify his area of practice or reveal his education.)


         He appears to be a diet and nutrition doctor.  I am TV-free 
and hence did not see the FOX broadcast cited below, and am assuming 
Arnot was asked about the Japanese reactor(s).  I can't imagine why 
anyone would query a food Dr. about health physics.

         Arnot wrote a book about diet and breast cancer that caught 
a lot of flak.  See this evaluation from the American Council on Diet 
and Health:


Steven Dapra

At 10:58 PM 3/12/2011, you wrote:
>Dr. Bob Arnot is a general opportunist activist - see his website to book
>him. Hiraldo also had Paul Gunter who was on earlier as well - founder of
>Clamshell Alliance anti-nukes in 70's, received 2008 Jane Bagley Lehman
>Award from Tides Foundation for his "fight against nuclear power". They also
>received multiple live reports from a David Piper in Tokyo who repeatedly
>claimed that 190 persons in the public were suffering from radiation
>sickness (no references/sources cited)...not quite possible!
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>>I don't know where FOX is getting their "experts" but they had a doctor on
>>this evening who said that everyone in the control room would be dead in a
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>>On Mar 12, 2011, at 11:11 PM, Bob Hearn <rhearn at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>>>Same rbid anti-nukes I have been blasting FOX about on their broadcast
>>>day! Union of "Concerned Scientists" is long-standing anti-nuke group
>>>the ticking clock symbol with hands approaching midnight...Cirincione is
>>>billed as  "expert on nuclear materials..." - B.S. psychology, 10 years
>>>later MS Foreign Service Program, no work except in political
>>>circles...President of Ploughshares Fund - "a firm involved in security
>>>peace funding"
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