[ RadSafe ] CNN reporting has clout, for a change

ReuvenGmail reuven99 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 00:26:36 CDT 2011

I watched CNN today, when a clueless, timid, field reporter interviewed a 
spokesman to one of California's Reactors, in the reactor's parking lot. I 
do not remember if it was San Onufre (sp?) or the Diablo Canyon one. The 
spokesman was asked about the apparent deficiency in the reactor's design, 
namely, it "worst case scenario" was to withstand a 7 Richter earth quake, 
while Japan's 9.0 shows it was a poor design. The spokesman, on behalf of 
Edison and its employees send condolences to the Japanese People who are 
bravely fighting etc. etc. then he went on and stated that this CA reactor 
is safe, even though it is sited over a fault and that there is even a 
protective wall against tsunami waves. When asked about a quake larger then 
7, he "explained" that the Richter scale is not applicable, but rather the 
"g" of the ground shakings, and assured the viewers that the composition / 
structure of the ground at this location will never sustain such a high "g."

At this point, Wolf Blitzer, who was located in Japan, intervened, and asked 
the field reporter to bring back the Edison spokesman and ask him 
specifically about why he think that his reactor, which was designed for a 
maximum 7 quake, will withstand a 9.0 quake. The Edison guy recited his "g" 
theory. Wolf Blitzer concluded that he can not accept this explanation and 
that it does not passes his smell test.


Reuven Z. 

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