[ RadSafe ] assist Japan

Andrew S Longman alongman at purdue.edu
Tue Mar 15 03:16:14 CDT 2011


  Through a contact in Chiyoda Technol corporation I have learned that many employees,
as far south as Tokyo, are unable to come into work because of destroyed rail lines.
Some are answering email from home. Others are evacuating and cannot work.

  Chiyoda is a nuclear services company that provides service to the Japanese government,
among others.  Dosimetry is a major task for them.


  In particular, I am aware they provide glass-badge services.  Their ability to provide
any/all of their services is, at this point, either greatly hindered or stopped.  I do not
know the extent of their capability beyond what I am sharing here.

  I would like to ask everyone in the dosimetery and nuclear-services community to contact Chiyoda,
identify your personal or group's skills/services, and offer to supplement them at this
difficult time.  If you know other nuclear-services groups in Japan, please contact them.
They may be unable to provide what their country needs right now, and perhaps you can help.
  Please do not write me and ask me what you can do - please contact Chiyoda's various available email handles, phone numbers, and departments that relate to your skill set.

Thank you,

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