[ RadSafe ] NRC Recommending Americans keep 50 mi distant. A new 50 mile radius EPZ needed??

Stewart Farber radproject at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 17 13:46:04 CDT 2011

News reports just mentioned the US NRC Commisioner recommended that Americans in 
Japan should keep themselves 50 miles from the Fukushima site. 

This must be part of the NRC's new program to establish a 50 mile EPZ  [vs. 10 
miles now ] around the 104 US reactors. Why have a 10 mi. EPZ  [ 78 sq. miles] 
when a 50 mile radius [1963 sq. miles]  is seemingly needed per the NRC 
Commissioner for another country?

Is today's NRC Commissioner recommendation a component of a new Federal Full 
Employment Act initiative for increasing nuclear plant EPZ planners by a factor 
of 25?  I'm sure certain interests are salivating at the opportunity to 
introduce new legislation to force an increase in the current EPZ from a radius 
of 10 to 50 miles since the NRC seems to think it's advisable.

 Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
Farber Medical Solutions, LLC

farber at farber.info

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