[ RadSafe ] Neutron interaction data needed.

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Fri Mar 18 14:41:01 CDT 2011

Carl, (AND OTHERS) we need a piece on fission. Spontaneous and induced. Especially
the main fissile elements present in the reactor 
and fuel storage pools

We need data on cross section ( Barns) and which elements
will multiply with A) Fast neutrons and B) Thermal neutrons.
What are chances of any sort of criticality, assuming a partial melt.

Please post here and at GCE.


Radsafe needs same.

Have you seen my piece on fission?


many thanks. George Dowell

PS water/no water in pools? Take a neutron spectrometer 8in, search for slow neutron Thermal neutrons = moderation=water. Also take an optical spectrophotometer reading of the "white vapor" rising from buildings. hydrogen line (water), or is it zirconium smoke??

George Dowell

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