[ RadSafe ] Neutron interaction data needed.

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Fri Mar 18 17:34:58 CDT 2011

Mr GEO, KOFF etc.

So you "need" data? You do not specify what for. It seems that your
"request" is just to keep you "remembered" at RADSAFE as an eminent

Funny that you more or less (rather more) demand RADSAFERs to provide data,
to spend their time to look for them. You do not specify what you need them
for. How could you with your - as I characterized it already once - for your
collection of outdated and obviously not working detectors, claim that you
are doing important research. 

You seem by the way not being conncted to the real world. You recently sent
to me an e-mail with the lines "Bitch, bitch, bitch". Not only that I am
without doubt male, I believe that this words refer to females. Obviously
you are not even able to distinguiesh between male and female, but you
pretend to be a world class radiation protection professional. There is a
lot of psychiatric literature about this.    

There are many more objections which show that you have no clue about what
is discussed on RADSAFE.

I am tired of being "offended" by such a ridiculous person. Whether it is
taken serious or not, it has a long term effect. I wonder whether nobody
else at RADSAFE has encountered something like I have. It is of course
possible that most of you simply think that this person is to be ignored. 

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
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Carl, (AND OTHERS) we need a piece on fission. Spontaneous and induced.
the main fissile elements present in the reactor 
and fuel storage pools

We need data on cross section ( Barns) and which elements
will multiply with A) Fast neutrons and B) Thermal neutrons.
What are chances of any sort of criticality, assuming a partial melt.

Please post here and at GCE.


Radsafe needs same.

Have you seen my piece on fission?


many thanks. George Dowell

PS water/no water in pools? Take a neutron spectrometer 8in, search for slow
neutron Thermal neutrons = moderation=water. Also take an optical
spectrophotometer reading of the "white vapor" rising from buildings.
hydrogen line (water), or is it zirconium smoke??

George Dowell

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