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Sat Mar 19 12:47:59 CDT 2011

Dear Radsafe:
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       Hmmmmm.   Neutron  interaction data, huh????
       Some fission cross-section data can be  found in the nuclear physics 
books by Kaplan, Segre,etc.
       The cross-section barn book put out by  the US AEC and/or DOE and/or 
ERDA can sometimes 
be found in libraries????
       There may be neutron data centers at  Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, Los 
Alamos.  See the internet.
Oak Ridge's RSICC (Radiation Shielding Information Center) sometimes has  
data sets available
for a handling charge.  MCNP (Monte Carlo Neutral Particle Program)  has 
cross section data with it.
It is available from ORNL and/or Los Alamos.  SCALE is a criticality  
computer code and may be
available from RSICC.  Does Knoll's book have cross-section data in  it????
      So, Sandy Perle of Mirion Technologies, I  see an advertisement in 
the Health Physics Newsletter for 
your INSTADOSE personal monitoring system.  Looks pretty cool.   No mailing 
of badges.  Just hook up
the instadose monitoring badge to an internet capable PC.  Care to  comment 
further about this???
Photon/gamma dose systems only, so far????  Still, pretty  neat.
      Regards,     Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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