[ RadSafe ] I-131 in milk and activity on spinach around Fukushima

Toro Laszlo torolaszlo at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 06:47:16 CDT 2011

On 20.03.2011 13:27, Demetrios Okkalides wrote:
> I am puzled with this. Perhaps it seems OK to find I-131 in milk so 
> soon, but in spinach? Can a metal move so fast in a plant's uptake 
> cycle? Does this seem reasonable to you?
> (Perhaps I should also add that the hysteria here has reached to the 
> point where people are afraid they might also have I-131 in their food.)
> D.Okkalides
> THEAGENEION Anticancer Hospital
> Thessaloniki
> Greece
Dear Collegue,

The contamination is coming probably from interception after dry and wet 
deposition (mainly dry, in the doserate tables generally no rain was 
mentioned), the spinach have relative large leafs, it retains quite well 
a fallout type contamination, washing is a very good coutermeasure.

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