[ RadSafe ] Anyone have GOOD world wide energy consumption data?

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Sun Mar 20 12:34:42 CDT 2011

Members here often have good data like this right on the top of their 
minds or at least readily available.

I wanted to do some world wide energy consumption/resource calculations 
- purpose not important at this point - so using Google I was trying to 
determine world wide fossil fuel consumption and ran into what appeared 
to be good information - mostly from Wikipedia.

I found references for oil:

85,000 barrels per day 2003

Barrel of oil 42 gallons crude - 44 gallons refined of which 6.8 gallons 
is NOT used for fuel.

and Oil energy equivalent /barrel

1.7 MWh
5.8 e6 BTU
6.1178632e9 J

THEN I found another reference that gave 2004 data:

Oil 160 e15 BTU/yr
coal 95e15 BTU/yr
gas  95e15 BTU/yr

I thought that NOW I have the info I needed and could bring it all together.

Unfortunately I chose to check the data for internal consistency and:

85,000*5.8 e6*365 = 1.8 e14 BTU.yr

from the first reference does NOT equal 1.6 e17 as stated in the other 

Factor of 2 agreement I would have accepted - factor of 10 - skeptical.  
BUT factor of 1000 -
all I have here is junk data which could only yield a GIGO calculation.

MAYBE the ratio of oil/coal/gas is ok - but considering the discrepancy 
- unless ONE of those numbers can agree with RELIABLE data - I doubt 
that as well.

So - can anyone point me to better data?


Ted de Castro
retired (for all those that want to ascribe an affiliation with each 

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