[ RadSafe ] general comments on Fukashima reporting of dose

Perle, Sandy SPerle at mirion.com
Sat Mar 26 10:46:53 CDT 2011

Another news item regarding radiation exposure from Fukashima, "Levels of radioactive iodine in seawater just offshore of the embattled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant spiked to more than 1,250 times higher than normal". Instead of these "non-informative" statements, just state what the measurement is and then we'll know how important the measurement is, and not simply compared to what is "normal!" So what is "normal"? Typical non-speak! The Japanese government and media engage in this ridiculous commentary. Perhaps, just perhaps, 1250 times normal is well within what is considered to not cause a consequence to anyone. These statement simply confuse and scare the public. Another thing, when they do provide dose measurements, get the units correct. I've never seen such asinine misuse of units, from uSv, mSv and rem. Get it right for a change all of you in government and the press! Credibility is at stake here!

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