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> Reuven, after hearing and reading some of Kaku's statement's on Japan, I wouldn't buy a used physics book from him... I already had a low opinion of him after watching him "explain" things OTHER than Theoretical Physics before, and I have seen him say things that were just outright wrong on several occasions, he needs to stick to his "theoretical" ideas and stop talking, period.
> http://crooksandliars.com/david-neiwert/physicist-michio-kaku-warns-japan-nu "it would be like fireworks -- go off like roman candles"
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DkCD5IInMY   "bury it"
> http://dailybail.com/home/letterman-with-physicist-dr-michio-kaku-on-japan.html  "the Letterman solution"
>   Having a PhD in Theoretical Physics (or anything) does not equate to knowledge in ALL fields, especially Nuclear Power or Health Physics, nor does it even equate to common sense in one's 'practiced' field.  I have met HP PhD's that couldn't turn a meter on, let alone actually detect radiation with one. 
>   I know of one PhD that was convinced DU penetrators travelled over a hundred meters UNDERGROUND...because they saw the dust from two skips as one bounced after going squirrelly, and who's PhD Thesis was/is easily disproven by absolute empirical evidence on the ground. 
>   I've met some that were surprised that plant growth finally only happened 'AFTER' a rain storm in the desert, even though they had seeded an area over a year before, and even more surprised that none of 'their' seeds grew, only the native plants... where common sense should tell them if it could grow there without changing some aspect of the environment (Chemistry, Moisture, etc...) that it would probably already be growing somewhere in the area as spread by winds, birds and other creatures, not least of which man.  Consider I have seen some of the same Sonoran Desert Cacti from Arizona growing WILD in the other three USA corners of FL, MA and WA (not to mention MI, KS, IL, OR, ID, AR, PA, SC, GA...)
>   I've had RadCon Managers who had worked in the DOE RadCon for decades that were deathly afraid of contamination and couldn'tunderstand the basic physics of a HEPA unit, thinking one would change the DP of the same room it was intaking AND exhausting from...  I figured her home vacuum sucked all the oxygen out of the room and that explained it...need I go on?   
> Just because someone is car designer doesn't mean that they can change a spark plug, being an aerodynamacist doesn't make a mechanic.  Kaku's expertise is NOT Reactor Design NOR Health Physics.  If someone doesn't know the ACTUAL SUBJECT MATTER, it doesn't matter how much they've been educated in something else, they are still most likely JUST PLAIN WRONG.
> The complaint WAS and IS for the media to get ACTUAL SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS, not half-wit self-educated ANTI's or "Theoretical Physicist's". 
> As for 'Kaku's theories' about Japan, the great philosopher Wayne once said " Yeah, and Monkeys could fly..."
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